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Jehovah's Witnesses in Pop Culture

Jehovah's Witnesses are regularly referred to in pop culture, almost exclusively in a comical way. The majority of references joke about them appearing unwanted at a person's doorstep. Comedy routines also discuss unusual beliefs and practices.

The following video contains 26 short clips that will be fun for both Jehovah's Witnesses and the general public to watch. The video complies with fair use copyright laws as it is solely for the purpose of education on the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses in pop culture, and is not monetised, (in the same way jwfacts.com does not derive any advertising revenue).

Shows that mention Jehovah's Witnesses include:

Jimmy Carr His Dark Material 2021
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me S1 E4 2021
Happy S1 E4 2018
Joel McHale 2018
The Get Down S1 E2 2016
Shameless S5E1 2015
Kick Ass 2 2013
South Park S17 E1 2013 Asian JW preaching
South Park S4 E10 2000 Hell
Jeff Ross 2012
Community S3 E10 2011
Gavin and Stacy S1 E2 2008
Family Guy s5 e17 2007 Evil Monkey
Family Guy S2E1 2000 Stop Jehovah’s at the gate
Family Guy s1 e1 1999 Jemima’s Witnesses
Family Guy Witnessing
One Foot In The Grave
Black Books S1 Ep1 2000
Simpsons S10 E17 1999
Friday 1995
Seinfeld S5 E21 1994
Coneheads 1993
Golden Girls S3 E2 1987
Flying High 1980
Spike Milligan BBC Jehovah’s Burglars S2E3 1975

First published January 2022.

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