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Comments From Readers

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I receive numerous emails from readers, both positive and negative. Here are some comments I have received by email, or on internet forums. By far the majority of emails show gratitude for jwfacts.com and the affect it has had on their lives. They are often accompanied by sad stories of the treatment received when trying to break free from the religion. On the other hand, the emails from die-hard Witnesses can be vitriolic.

Active Jehovah's Witnesses will occasionally make comments that I have never been a Witness and do not know what I am talking about. Just to clarify, my parents were baptised when I was 2 years old and I remained a Witness until I was 35. During that time I spent 7 years in "full-time service" as a regular pioneer and then Bethelite. I was a close family friend of Geoff Jackson from the Governing Body, who grew up in Tasmania where I was born. After I left home, my father was a Circuit Overseer for twenty years, right up until his death. I have an extensive understanding of the doctrine and procedures of the Watchtower Society, even more so since I left and was provided with copies of manuals, such as the Branch Organization Manual and Correspondence Guidelines.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses claim that jwfacts.com is filled with lies. I usually reply that if they can point out anything that is incorrect I will remove it, but never receive a reply with a specific example of some error. Another thing, why do so many Jehovah's Witnesses feel the need to write in all capitals?

Spelling is as in the original emails.

Positive Emails
It wasn't until recently that I started questioning whether it was true or not. I am writing you to thank you for opening my eyes wider. I have been on the fence for weeks now, and it is refreshing to know that I am not insane :).
Just to let you know you have done a very good job ! Had such information been available earlier, I would have wasted less of my life in JW.
[I] left the 'truth' in 1992. … To this day I have felt fear, and the constant feeling that there is no point to life anymore, after all I am going to die soon at Armageddon!! … Thank you so, so much for your website, you really don't know what I feel like to finally feel free of the shackles of guilt over leaving Gods 'visible organisation'. Thank you!!
Dear friend, I just wanted to thank you for all your amazing hard work. This site, your input and care for others has given so much to me I could never have received so much from the Borg.
Thank you for such a wonderful article. I have spent some time reading different aspects of your website and, not being a writer myself, find it difficult to convey the depth of feeling and gratitude is has invoked in me.
I am new to your website and after reading only your story I was extremely moved and simply blown away! I just felt compelled to reach out to you to congratulate and commend you on the job you have done and encourage you to keep it up. It's extremely important and valuable work.
I just read your story on JWfacts.com and bawled my eyes out, You are an amazing writer and really put into words things I had not realized about who I am and what I am going through since I left the Witnesses 7 years ago. I wanted to say thank you. Your story makes me feel understood and more strong than before. For that I also thank you. Keep doing what you're doing you're changing lives in ways you may not even know.
I just read "your story" and was emotionally overwhelmed by it because, to put it frankly, most of the accounts I read, except for your time at Bethel, were very much similar to that of my own. I felt as if I was reading my own biography !
I would like to thank you very much for your website jwfacts.com. It has helped me in a way you can't imagine.
Your story brought tears to my eyes... I relate more than you will ever think. Like you, I hate the idea of being an apostate, and the fact that this is the label we get for "making sure of all things".
Thank you for your bold courage! You are a refreshing discovery on the net. Your prose is not hateful... just sadly truthful.
Your website saved my life. You probably get that a lot :)
Your website & JW Survey have been so helpful. I feel like I have just come out of a drugged out state. It’s such a weird sensation to have your brain functioning again. It’s been tiring but at the same time healing. I now feel back to the old person I once was pre JW. Non judgemental, the fear & anger have gone. ... Thanks to you & others who have bravely stuck yourselves out to be condemned, people like us have gained freedom & wellbeing.
Thank you for changing my life in the most positive way. I feel like 200 pounds have been lifted out of me and I no longer have nightmares or deep depression. Thank you Paul, will be forever grateful.
Let me start off by saying what a fantastic site you have put together. It helped play a pivotal role in my life and beliefs.
Wanted to thank you for your work and the information you put together. It is sites like your's that helped me do research over a decade ago when i left, to let me know i wasn't the only one. It's very hard to lose family and friends that you were raised with but it is way better living free.
Would like to say a 'BIG' thank you Paul for your great website jwfacts! You have no idea how much you have helped me and others. Thanks mate :)
Your website is, quite simply, the best, bar none! YOU, my friend, have helped me tremendously, and I will owe my many years of freedom from the WT to you!
I just wanted to thank you for basically being there (in my head lol). I'm in the process of fading and its hardest time I have ever faced in my life. ... I have always had doubts and hearing your story has just brought so much comfort to my life. ... There's so much I wish to tell you about my experiences but there's just too much to share. So I'd rather take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work. You saved my life, thank you!
I am sorry this mail is so long, but I have so much to say and I wanted to write to you and say thank you. Thank you for all you have done in putting together your website and for the information I found that I so desperately needed and had been praying for. My parents do not know of my involvement in the church, but no doubt they will find out and I dread that day coming. While I want to reach out and help them, I know they will have deaf ears. I will just have to cross that bridge when I get there. But thank you Paul, you have really given me the tools I needed to find my place in this world, discover a future and open my eyes and find my beliefs.
Thank you for this site! I just joined JW and as a result of your writings, I am moving on to another Christian denomination.
I read your entire story, including all of the supporting letters and documents and was particularly impressed with some of the arguments you presented within your second appeal to disfellowshipping letter. WOW! Anyhow, I'm so stunned and appreciative at how much I have learned today and though I can barely keep my eyelids opened at this point, after seeing the photograph of you and your beautiful son Zac .... well, I just couldn't go to bed without thanking the man who suffered through all of this and cared enough to put it out there so that people like me could benefit from it.
I have been disfellowshipped for 10 years now. I've battled with religion and what was going to happen to me for the whole time I've been out. My parents and family have stopped having alot of contact with me. My mom talks to me the most, only because of my 2 year old son. But the biggest battle for me was my fear of Armageddon. ... I just read your 15 minute guide and I am in tears. This has helped me so much. ... I just had to take a minute and tell you thank you. Your website is amazing!!!
Thanks again for the most comprehensive and best presented research I've ever seen on this subject --I wished I'd had this information many years ago.
Thank you so much for the website. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I am 30 and my husband and I have woken up. We have five children who will not have to endure the damage we did! I have been able to wake up my mother as well, a miracle because she has been in it for nearly her whole 70+ years! She lives with my brother, who is an Elder. He is not so receptive yet but we are hopeful. Your website has been a priceless tool! Thank you so very very very much!
Wow! Your site is amazing! Thank you so much. I appreciate that the information presented was factual, objective, respectfully written.
Let me begin by saying that I owe you endless gratitude. Your site, especially your great research and writing has been of so much assistance to me that I can't even begin to name it. Thank you so much! Your work has helped to come to terms with so many problems I have grappled with in the past ten years. It is partly due to you that I am now able to speak freely about my past. So: Thank you very much! And if there is any way I can repay you please let me know.
Once again thank you for your talk on the radio, you have no idea how much comfort it brought me.
I want to tell you I love your website and I owe you my freedom (if you will) thank you for the concise, logical explanations of the information.
I read first your article on what's wrong with being a Jehovah's Witness. It read like a checklist of mental ideas I had already formulated.
The best part for me was to see all of the changes in understanding of the years, many of which shattered the illusion of progressive "new light," and rather showed indecision, uncertainty, and reactionary change. After much study and comparing the quotes on JWFacts to those in the WT (to make sure they hadn't been altered), I began to think, "If God really is in control of this organization, he is doing a lousy job." I couldn't imagine God making so many mistakes. I couldn't imagine God allowing his chosen representatives to make so many mistakes. Holy spirit should be more powerful than this. From that point on, I could never go back. I couldn't undo what I had learned.
Words can't describe how grateful I'll always be of you and other people who have left the JW, but contribute in helping others see facts for what they really are. Leaving a religion, especially a tight-knit one like JW is hard. You chose not to forget, but share your findings and experience with others. Undoubtedly all the information you provide is of great help to many, if only they decide to let go of their fears and wake up. In our case, it is contributing to the 4 of us leaving the JW as a united family.
I had read other sites about the Watchtower before but they didn't have the information put in a way that could help one see with reason and logic and escape the tentacles and power of this organization. How I wish someone like you would have come sooner and help millions from becoming trapped and avoid all the misery and deaths this organization has caused.
All in all, again, I just wanted to thank you for your courage and hard work. There are so many websites out there that just want to throw mud and are clearly bitter individuals. But you stick to the facts, presenting things in a logical format.
Thank you for all of your hard work and research allowing me to think clearly again and come out of the guilt laden fog I was in.
I just wanted to say thank you to the maker of this website. The articles, information and experiences have truly touched me. ... Reading this website has been very enlightening and again I am grateful to you. This is going to be a difficult new year but in the end it will all be worth it because a life of my own is begining.
Thank you for this site. It is not angry and just bashing Watchtower. It is logical and just wanting to reach out to those of us who are beginning to have their eyes opened to Watch tower's deception.
Before becoming a JW, I was always a moral person, never got drunk, did drugs, smoked, swore, or did immorality, not even once. Many JW think that defectors leave because of selfish interests, or wanting to go back to rolling in mud. I've got no interest in that and have no ulterior motives. I simply want to live a good, honest love around people who love me.
Thank you for jwfacts.com, it saved my life.
... thank you so much for the time and effort on the site, it's helped taken away over 20 years of fear and guilt from me and although I'm a slightly bitter the release I feel now outweighs anything I was fooled into believing.
About two months ago, someone sent me a link to your website. Normally, I’m sure you can well imagine how quickly I would have deleted the e-mail completely lest I be struck dead for opening it! It was about the new light regarding the F&DS. To this day, I cannot tell you what made me open & read the information but I am so thankful that I did. Not to begin with of course! I was absolutely devastated, shocked, hurt and angry at what I read but even scarier was I could see the complete and utter crap they were talking. I read and read and read every single article on your website. I must admit, it affected me profoundly and my emotions are still all over the place at times. I am however, slowly finding my feet again. I know that it’s not going to be easy to mentally override all their teachings but I’m going to give it a damn good try!
I'm getting loads to help from your site, it's been like a weight off my shoulders to be honest
I wanted to first thank you for all of the hard work you put into the website and research; it has really helped me navigate the turmoil of waking up.
I applaud you for the level of concern that you exhibit towards people that have been victimized by this corrupt organization.
I always think to myself, If you can read just one hours worth of material on jwfacts and still go hook, line and sinker for the org, nobody can help you.
THANK YOU does not even begin to express my gratitude for you stepping out and starting this web-site. I have left that religion over 13 years ago and have felt very alone at times. The same emotional depression that you so honestly explained was exactly what I have gone through. I am thankful that God pulled me out of that mess and called me to a place of love.. REAL LOVE... and exposed the JW religion for what it is. I have lost all of my family, which is 13 brothers and sisters. My parents have both passed away now, but they had little contact with me before their passing. My sister changed funeral plans for my mom so I could not attend. Again, I could go on and on and on. You inspire me and I am so thankful to have found a web-site that I can go to that has truth!
I have met another ex-jw who left some years ago but felt enormous guilt and was thinking of going back. She was a very sad and conflicted person. I directed her to your website. After an entire weekend spent reading your articles on jw facts she was all smiles, jubilant in fact. She had no intention of going back to jw. She said she felt free of the hold they had had on her. … JW Facts helps people emotionally and psychologically. It helps to heal spirits and lives. Thank you for JW Facts.
With my own current realisations and revelations, along with the informative information contained within your own website, I now feel a great need to completely let go of the damaging impact this religion has had on my life. But I do not know how.
I read your work on “What is with being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses’” and I thought it was well done. As a former witness myself, I agree with everything you wrote. It puts many things into context. I too am happier as a result of my leaving.
The site is amazingly concise, objective and pointedly helpful. Great job!
Thank you for such an incredible website. Thank u for all the time & hard work that obviously goes into it. It helps us to break the mental shackles that fundamentalist religion binds us with.
When a JW can prove that jwfacts.com has more lies than jw.org, he will return.
I think I sent you an email 2-3 years ago, back when I was starting to research about watchtower. Today all I can say is BIG THANK YOU for your site. You helped me in a way that I can't express with words.
It seems recently it is the time for me to decide whether to stay and become a JW, I asked for opinions from many people. But it seems that very few of people can discuss this issue with facts and evidence and logic. So I thank you so much for jwfacts.com which helps me to think effectively. As you may guess, what I am now thinking is how to disconnect them and what else to follow in my life.
Many thanks for your support … I have processed so much about my past and my beliefs and have gone through agony and am well on the way to healing. I don't think anyone outside would understand the mental anguish we have been through, to let go of beliefs that made the person you were. We have had to discover who we are without our family or a belief system to support us.
As a book author and fellow ex-JW I think your site is simply the best I've seen for helping people get over the programming. Truly exceptional.
Hi There just a note to say a grateful thanks for your hard work. I'm a fader from ... and am trying hard to get my wife out. Your information is priceless, many thanks.
Just wanted to say THANKYOU. your excellent reasoning and thought provoking, clear headed discussion of the Governing body and witnesses has at last set me free from their shackles. Even though I have not been a witness for many years the fear and torment of not being associated was a constant through my life. I turn 50 this year and at last feel that I can live life freely. I was a witness on and off since I was 2yrs old.
I have read about some of the contradictions in their teaching, but I did not know just how deeeply ingrained and how many there were!
I am coming to know just how messed up ( could have used stronger language) I am due to the subtle teachings of this group, but I am slowly getting help with counselling. God bless you my friend for taking the time to put all this together. I read nearly all of it starting 6pm one eve and through the night till 6am following day. Was worth the loss of sleep, for peace of mind.
This site has been essential for me over the years in my eventual freedom from the WT. I use this site, day in day out, in helping JW's know the facts.
I guess you and Raymond Franz are some of the people I owe the most thanks in this world. I'm 24, and left JW 3 years ago. Your website has been of great help, and I still use it quite often. Never been as happy as I am now. I just wanted you to know that you really helped me getting a proper life with this amazing source of information.
When I reached your site, it was for me. I felt anger, sad, relieve because now I knew I was not crazy, I just knew something was not right, but I just could not put the whole thing together. I saw many inconsistencies and their translation of some bible scriptures to me did not make any sense. Now I just want to tell you that you have no idea the great relieve and happiness you have caused to my family. We thank you for all the time, effort, research and love you have put into your site for the people that are lost in a never ending slavery.
And thank you for the website, I've been engrossed since finding it.
I cannot express how appreciative I am for the clear, objective way that you present the facts. The clear contrast drawn between your site and what apostates where supposed to be made it possible for me to be mentally free from this cult. Particularly the misquotes in the crayon book - it was right there in black and white and it was like a switched flipped in my brain and I was free. Thank you so much!
I have thought about going back, but I keep coming across your site. It reminds me of what hypocrisy there is in "the truth". And how unloving the congregations are.
I feel that I am almost at peace. In turn, my relationship with my wife has started to turn positive. You have given me hope and I am truly thankful to have been introduced to the information you supply to the many people in need and to my family as well. Thank you.
So as many Jehovah's Witness who wish to maintain in contact with family it's absolutely necessary to conceal my identity and remain listed as an Elder with my local congregation rather than risk being exposed and disfellowshipped for what's considered “Apostasy”. … Thank you so much it good to see I'm not alone.
I have used drugs and alcohol on and off over the years to try to deal with how I feel but never found any solace. I finally decided to actually research it for myself and came across your website. I feel like a tremendous weight was lifted from me. I only wish I had had the courage to research it in this manner years ago. I still was afraid of “apostate teachings” even though I didn’t believe it was the only true religion anymore. And yes, I believed in my heart that I would be destroyed at Armageddon. My eyes are now opened as well as my heart to the new possibilities … Even though I have not seen or spoken to my family in years I no longer feel so alone after reading the information on your site.
Your writing is the first JW material I have read, pro or con, since returning from Bethel. Your amazing collection of work is truly inspired. The true validating point for me is your use of the Watchtower publications own information as your predominating resource.
I am 29, disfellowshipped and have been away from "the truth" for ten years now. It is amazing to me the effect that the experience of my childhood as a Witness still has on my current life. Like you I went through a period of anger, social ineptitude and eventually a total discovery of who I am and what "the world really is. As you stated on your site children raised as witnesses develop an unusual perspecitve on life. And personally I feel this is the biggest tragedy of all.
I'm now 52, my mother, brother and extended family are all witnesses. I have spent my whole life feeling like a bad person. And I just want to thank you for all the information and validation I have found on this site.
I’ve been reading you web site you great information it’s been very helpful.... Once again you have done good work concerning the J.W.’s.
The way you reason and the quality and integrity of your site is one reason I came to the realization that MOST critics of the Watchtower do not spew half truths and propaganda. The exact opposite of what I have been told all my life.
JWFacts was my voice of reason in the craziness. When I doubted my own reasonings and mental health (my Mother said I must be either mentally unwell or demonized for thinking the way I was) JWFacts helped my to see that for the first time I was thinking clearly. I wasn't just being swayed by emotion, I was actually looking at things logically. I could then start to trust my own mind. Which has led to my (mental) FREEDOM!! Without sounding overly dramatic, it's changed my life.
I can't thank you enough for your excellent website. I appreciate your calm and objectful approach in revealing the truth about the truth using WT publications. I was raised as a Witness,and spent most of my youthful years in full time service including many years in bethel. … reading about Malawi/Mexico scandal n your website opened my eyes but troubled me for days. It was obvious to me that Jehovah could not be behind such bloodguilt. I've shared all I've found out with help from the site with some JW family members and I'm glad they're also awakened. … Please keep up your good work. you are helping many open their eyes.
Thank you so creating that site it has really opened my eyes :)
Thanks for your work. Your site is invaluable. I use info from there all the time as I slowly try to pull my kids out of this poison.
Anyway I was already doing my own research when I came upon your site and the information it provided has been very helpful. Most of it confirms earlier suspicion and doubt. I am glad you were able to impart knowledge without hate and misinformation. I actually believe most of the normal witnesses are just misguided people trying to do their best but that can’t think for themselves because of the lack of use of their own mind in making decisions. With the help of God and many sites including yours, I have learned to develop my own faith and a better relationship with God and his word where I don’t rely on any man for my thinking.
I have to say, the presentation of the facts on your website are so far from how I imagined an 'apostate' website to be. Thank you for not being extremist or opinionated. It really helped to expose the lies I have been fed.
Thank you for taking the time to create this site. The word apostate is horrible, it has been wired into my brain to represent the worst. It prevented me from thinking for myself for years. You are a good man, Paul. Thanks again
I was checking out your site, great info and have used it to help get my wife to see the light!
I just wanted to thank you for such an informative website. It has certainly helped me to see TTATT this last 5-6 months.
It took me several years to accept the fact that this was not the truth. ( without the guilt) I want to say thank you for cold hard facts… Thank you again for all the hard work in putting together facts that can help ones like me break free.
I sure hope that may Witnesses can find hope and a way out through your web site. The approach is so straight forward with very little hate, remorse or other emotional scenes that would turn off a Witness. I hope there are others that have found this site refreshing.
Sometime I may send you our story- it's still unfolding, but your site has played a huge role in our waking up! Thank you SO much! You are a hero, and I esteem you with the likes of Ray Franz.
I just wanted to thank you for your website, JWfacts. ... Thank you again for this wealth of information!
First of all I want to say that your site has been of the most TREMENDOUS help in helping me see the truth about "the Truth". I am trying to get myself out along with my family. They are die hards who will likely not listen no matter what is presented. But I still wish to give them a complete picture before they disown me.
"I can whole heartedly say I have never been as happy as I am now with my life. I was raised as a jw, but had questions I knew I could never ask and therefore could never be answered. Now, I can look for answers and I have found what I was looking for that helped me to let the guilt go and enjoy my life. Thank you for making this site. It is so helpful to so many in need of an "awaking"."
Thank you so much for the information that you have made available. I wish i would have happened on this site years ago. ... You have help give me peace of mind, and good nights of sleep once again. You let me know that its not over, this is a new begining for me. ... The Inner peace that i have now, replaces the fear of dying a horrible death from God, and that honestly I dont feel like Im crazy anymore.
I happened on your site. It is one of the best, in that it sets out to be honest and impartial. Regrettably, some of the other sites make valid comment, but the hurt of the contributors obscures their stories.
I just read some portion from the material on your website and have to say I am shaken. I am one of JW and serve in local congregation. For a long time have been trying to find answers to my questions, wrote some letters to Bethel in my country (without reply) talked to some elders and now know what is going with me and how to explain my doubts. Do not know what to do now, must think it over and talk to my folks. But simply thank you very much for your effort to create this site.
My heartfelt thanks for the massive help you've been for our own family. Best wishes in all you do,
Paul, I hope that the positive comments you receive from us (who can never thank you enough for what you have done!) will give you the strength to go on helping others – it must cost you an awful lot in time, emotion & probably financially too …
Even now I feel kind of scared writing to you, but I feel like I have to. I just want to thank you for this website it really is wonderful and so intriguing. I haven't stepped foot in a Kingdom Hall for years, but I still have nightmares about being forced to go back their now, and I still wonder if I'll die at Armageddon... I am dealing with the guilt, shock, fear, and anger. I feel like I have wasted my life and now realize that I have to kind of relearn everything I've ever believe in. It hurts to find out you don't know who you really are. This has feeling depressed but also relieved. I feel like I am now allowed to be a grown-up and think for myself. It's so nice to finally hear someone voice what's been in your head for years, I can't tell you how good it feels to know that someone else understands and has been through what you have.
I still fight the anger toward the WT Society but am so glad to be free. Please keep up your work here with JWFacts as it does help others to find peace in realizing the truth about the truth and being able to move on.
"... although we've never met, we feel like you have already helped us through some of our own challenges at a time when we really didn't know where to go. We wish we could send some big hugs to you and your wife ..."
just a quick note to say I think your website jwfacts.com is awesome for those of us that have escaped their mindless dribble. I just wish my JW parents would have a read. Its been a good source of information for me to try and discuss the JWs with them, but they switch off when the argument gets to much for them.
Hi, I want you to know, that youv helped me alot with realizing what is actually going on. I must say, i feel quite brain washed, and im not gonna practice JW anymore.
I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing website. It's the best of its kind! I've been out now for 13 years and am so thankful I'm not in it any more. Reading your many articles helps to solidify any possible doubt I had that there was any sincerity or truthfulness to this organization.
Thank you for your informative information that I found online tonight. I was disfellowshipped in 1987 and wandered for years with pain and disbelief that my family and those that were my friends could be so cruel to my husband and my sons. It took me years to find myself and not to feel bad about living my life. Thank you again!
Firstly thank you very much for the time, effort and devotion you give to setting up and maintaining this very important site. Along with 'jwfiles' and the various offspring of 'quotes' I have found it to be a great help in finally eradicating all self doubt I had about the so called Truth.
After reading your website and a couple others, I am truly convinced I am so done with this. I'm making a call to my study conductor to advise I will study on my own. (Something else is that there is so much watchtower literature, it takes you away from reading the bible) Thanks Again
I just wanted to say thank you for your website. In particular, I have just read this article 15 Minute Guide and it has helped confirm that I have made the right decision to leave ... I really can't understand why it took me so long to realise - you put things so plainly that it is obvious to any honest-hearted, sincere truth seeker that Jehovah's Witnesses are not the true religion. ... I sincerely hope that one day other members of my family will come to their senses, and perhaps read the articles on your excellent site - difficult to imagine it ever happening though, as they are all terrified of 'apostasy' (and not without reason, given the punishment). I am still in a state of shock about the things I have learned over the last few days since I finally decided that I would read 'apostate' material despite any risks that may be involved. I can hardly believed I have been manipulated and lied to for so long. In a way I am thankful that I came to the conclusion that I had to leave by myself, without any persuasion from anyone else - at least I can sincerely claim to have made my own mind up. But if I had known about any of this stuff before, I would not have wasted so many years.
Thanks again for the great service you are offering. I am sincerely sorry you have had to put up with the ignominy and pain of being disfellowshipped just for pointing out the facts. I am even more sorry that just a few months ago I would have shunned you myself.
Thank you for all the time and effort you put into maintaining such things. This site has literally saved lives.
Your site is like a 'floatation device' for awakened dubs.
I'm 32 and have been disfellowshipped and astranged from my family of eight since I was sixteen. However, I have found the weight of fear of armageddon riding on my shoulders for my whole life. As you well understand, until only about a year ago, I dared not look at your site or any like it( apostate literature..), ironic and nonsensable as it may be.
Thank you for the most excellent site about this theme on the entire Internet.
I've not been to the meeting in 12 years and get this, I've never once in that time had a visit from the elders. … Your site has been a great help, the fact that not a day has went by in all these years without feeling terrible about not being good enough and god is going to kill me. It's finally beginning to leave me and let me move on.
... under the standards of the organization i am a non-believer, anti-christ, apostate... how could my parents ever see me as a rational human being? ... i hope this letter finds you well, and id like to thank you personally for lifting a weight of guilt that has been on my shoulders since i can remember.
I'm assuming you get a lot of hate mail, but I wanted to let you know your site does help people see through the lies. I'm now living a much happier life away from the organization.
I want to tell you how much I love your website! My husband & I were born in as well - we've both been pioneering for over a decade. We've had an "awakening" over the last few months and are now planning our exit strategy ... during this confusing period of realizing the "truth" made no sense, we found your site, and it really helped us find clarity.
I enjoyed reading your article 15 minutes of truth, as well as your story. I only wished I had known this 27 years ago.
I have been reading your web pages avidly. Your website is quite unique in that it sticks to facts and does not stray into opinion.
I just want to thank you for the research contained on your site. I have looked at quite a few sites recently, and this is one of the best. I was a JW for 35 years. I left 8 years ago. I now realise I was brain washed for all that time. It's so simple to see now, but when you are in it, you don't realise. I am so thankful to be free at last.
I started attending the meetings at the kingdom hall, and studying with other witnesses. After a while I began to get doubts, then pondered upon your website and other material. Many thanks for the extensive information. It has helped me through a lot.
Just wanted to thank you for your website. It is very hard to find factual, unbiaised info about the JWs.
I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. I might not have been able to see the real truth without you, and would have wasted my precious years chasing after the wind.
Thank you so much! Your story has made me feel so much better, and I cant wait until im old enough to stand up for myself and be who I am. Also your son is adorable!
Great site, i too felt "off" in life and mainly my life was controlled by humans. This site was (is) essential to fighting my way out. ... Never knew I was not the only one to feel like this...just goes to show how much influence these people have in keeping one SILENT.
Thank you thank you thank you. Your website is amazing. … I really want you to know that you really have inspired me.
Love your website. It has helped me immeasurably on my healing path!
I spent a few hours that led into the very early morning, reading every page (and link) with great interest. I just couldn't stop reading. I really do know exactly what you were 'saying' and understood exactly how you felt and the anguish you went through. It was strange to see before me, to see how I felt, actually written down, by someone else. Anyone who has never been a 'witness', probably wouldn't understand a lot of the 'thinking' that you wrote about, but I did. All the BS that you go through when these sort of things are experienced, is all written down on your Web site. Brilliant! … One thing I must say is, the friends I have now, are far more true than the 'fair weather' friends I had, when I was in with the witnesses. The friends I have now are there for me, in the good and the bad times. I think you understand what I mean.
jwfacts.com is one of the best resources for research without a religious slant or agenda. ... I can honestly say that any jw awakening can make a clean break based solely from what they can find on this excellent site.
I want to say thank you for keeping me from making a terrible mistake. I came very close to becoming a JW. I started Bible study and everything. Once I saw the information on your website, and others like it, I couldn’t get away fast enough.
I must admit, when I first came across your site, I referred to you as a "well-researched idiot." I'm sorry for that, as I now know that I was being misled by JW. Thank you for your site, as it has helped me a lot.
I have read Pauls story for the first time today. So similar to my experience leaving the so called truth after 25 years , and the last 10 serving as an elder. I am crying but also relived that I am not alone. Thank you
Without this website it would have been impossible for me to have seen all the facts clearly, as I wouldn’t have seen the clear statements that they have claimed and then “refined” over all the years as I wasn’t alive in 1922 etc. I wouldn’t have known where to have looked for the comparisons. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. I am not going to remain as a witness and am aiming to remain silent and just fade out if I can, if not I am willing to outright resign as a witness if they don’t leave me alone. Without your information I would have been unsure if I was thinking I was correct as I wouldn’t have had all the compelling evidence that your website has shown me. I would have worried that I would die at Armageddon but thanks to your information I can see very clearly that the so called governing body definitely isn’t the faithful and discreet slave as God would not approve a lying deceitful organisation. Thanks to you I shall not be wasting my life in a cult.
I became disillusioned with the Watchtower organization several months back, although I couldn't quite put my figure on exactly what was bothering me. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what. I knew I wanted to leave but I had many nagging doubts and questions. I knew if I left these doubts unanswered they would continue to bother me, even if I left the organization.

The task of beginning to examine the Watchtower claims was very daunting, since there was so much to review. The way you have organized all the information on your website made it very easy and accessible for me to start piecing everything together. Your clear, logical presentation of the material helped me tremendously in deconstructing their false teachings.

My wife and I were full time pioneers, we were poor, and we had no personal prospects. Since we came to our senses, we moved to a new city, we are both enjoying fulfilling careers, we have connected with old friends and family, and are now thinking of starting a family of our own. It feels great to be free!

I can’t thank you enough for helping us start on this path to freedom. I can’t image how difficult it must have been for you to discover all this on your own, but I hope you can really find some joy in knowing that you have helped me and many others like me find clarity and freedom in our own lives.
I heard a podcast of your interview on ABC's conversations program.

I came across it by accident and reacted like all witnesses are trained to and became angry at the 'agent of satan' and the propaganda you were spreading. My first reaction was to skip it and listen to the next one in the series which I did. But it sat with me for a few days and in the end decided to listen to it, just so I could prove to myself you were wrong.

After listening to you talk about you childhood and experiences I realized you were describing exactly how I was feeling and that everything you had said was true. So I took an early lunch at work and read as much of jwfacts as I could in an hour. It made me feel sick. I decided I couldn't take the word of an apostate over a life times worth of study and evidence so I put it out of my mind and did my own research. I spoke to my wife and she said she would help me to prove it to my self and that its always good to reaffirm our faith. We picked the 607 vs 586/587 dates as it seemed an easy thing to prove you wrong on. I was dumbfounded to discover how blatantly wrong the brothers have it and how little humility they have shown to continue denying it in the face of overwhelming evidence.

This lead me to where I am now. Fully awake and aware but still 'in' the truth.

So I would like to say thank you for the stand you have taken. Your actions have directly saved me and my wife from our indoctrination and have saved our son, and future children, from being exposed to what we have had to endure.
Negative Emails
This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. I feel sorry for you that you actaully spent time to make a website for this. You really have too much time on your hands
So you have something against Jehovah's Witnesses get the f*** over it you piece of s***. You spread lies
Your an idiot.
your an idiot. You should have had your ass turned red it might have kept you from being a big pussy..
Ooh thank you. Satan got you! APOSTASY!!!!
The info on your site is perverted as your mind is. ... You'd better get it together man. Something tells me Jehovahs gonna turn up the voltage on the bolt that hits you at Armageddon! I'm out.
I was led to ur website by an apostate such as ur selves, so I thought I would see the lies for myself. U disgust me. If u want to give up ur chance of life as it was meant to be, that's fine. How dare u take that chance of life away from others. Truly led by Satan. Work as hard as u want....u will only deter those who are only half-hearted anyway. Ur time is very Ltd. Please don't bother to reply it will not be read. I just thought u should know what people really think of u.
paul grundy talk to them you are wrong they use all of the bible you pick and choose to cover sin
You are pitiful. You have no hope based on any truth, thus you are to be pitied because you believe your own lies.
I have been actively involved in "The Truth" for over 30 years. All of you statements are so full of holes and incorrect statements and twistings of Jehovah's word that I couldn't begin to scratch the surface of your lies. You have no idea the bloodguild you bring upon yourself.
So u were scared to look into apostasy and yet u became one? Smh hope u aren't scared of rapist or murders u might look into it deeper and become one also.
I truly won't miss your kind wiped away from your own decisions. JEHOVAH does not pick people off to kill them when the end comes, you find your own way there to your own deaths
I do not believe that you read my email. I was not asking for your help. I was condemning your actions re shipwrecking the faith of others.
You have betrayed, not some man's religion, but the only true God, Jehovah, and his Son, Christ Jesus. Your "reality" is soon to be destroyed forever. Since you are an apostate, my loyalty to Jesus and His God, Jehovah, dictates that I have to make this my last communication. Your address is now blocked.
You are an idiot ... how do u reconcile that the earth will not last forever when the Bible says .... Go say a prayer to Satan & ask him for guidance ... he obviously has your mind ….
Your method marks you as an agent of Satan. Why not use the word of YOUR witnessing and kind expressions of love and encouragement? I hope you can see that your method is not working. The work is not slowing down and honest-hearted people are still responding favorably.
Reading what you've said looks very impressive to begin with but I have done some personal research into this myself. I can clearly see where you have either been mislead or been misinformed as to what we are about.
what u are saying is not cool just because ur gonna burn and die in hell doesnt mean that you have to pollue other you homosexual you know when the great tribulation comes ill be glad to see you be left with all the others even if i dont make it
I had no idea you were apostate, my correspondence ends with you now, and I hope that before this system of things ends, that you seek God's Kingdom...
You have fallen victim to Satan's scam. He has convinced the world that Truth is impossible to know, but when truths are found they have to come through long tedious HARD EFFORTS. … Come down off your lofty roof and run like the Devil to escape what's upon us. Come down out of the tree. The time has come. Jesus has already shown many examples of his power, and love. This is not the time for you to let such things trip you up.
This website is by far filled with wrong accusations. I suggest actually doing your homework about Jehovah's Witnesses... You will be surprised how many FACTS you will learn about this religion that are parallel with history. In addition, Witnessess are the last to judge an individual.
Lets talk turkey now shall we? ... NOW you all the sudden not in it...How bout you riddle me this, batman. Her name...What was it? LOL!!! Cmon bro, you can tell me...What was her name? Satan doesnt have a bunch of tricks. he only knows a few. he cant pull out anyone from the bible itself, once you know it as well as a witness does. So what was her name? Was she FINE?! LOL Was she ALLL DAT?! and a bag of chips!? LOL How many "you cant tell me what to do's" did you say? How many "these elders are a bunch of hypocrites" did you say? … Hey Tiger woods...What was her name?
and in another email
I hear there is a sale at chick fil-a. Perhaps you want me to bring you back something....today I hear they are having chicken with a side order of Gays inappropreatly protesting like morons. i figure that might be right up your....."alley"
I’m sure all you have to say are baseless and shallow, they lack real sense. I pray Jehovah God really helps you to come to have the accurate knowledge of the truth.
And now I conclude ...why do I pity you .....because clearly you are the speaker of Satan ....his right hand man proclaiming what I know deep down in your heart you know your wrong yet your pleasing the wrong GOD ! Now that's pity !
I hope you reply to this email and pray that you shut down your site and focus your attentions on helping people gain life, not death.
You talk about the Watchtower and its flaws about it Brainwashing. But that's exactly what you are doing with your website, your attempt to undermine with mindless digs, with your no proof evidence. You should be ashamed of yourselves and you must have a very sad and boring life and a lot of time to waste. Jesus Christ warned of apostasy within Jehovahs organisation So in effect you have proved Christ right and fulfilled prophecy.
I would love to know how you fell away from the truth. You obviously followed some mindless apostate. WELL DONE.
Hi Paul, just a thought to ponder upon. WAKE UP!
Is very sad how in this world exist people with such ignorant and selfish attitude willing to waist their life in wothless things. Do your self a favor kid: Get your act together and please get a real job. What a waist of time!
Perhaps you was "swimming" between others and have Asperger Syndrom.
I wish my e-mail here could wake you up to see past your pride and presumptuousness and honestly examine your life as a witness and you will see that the defect is simply yours.
Remember, as a law practitioner, I have particularly analyzed how you explain the few scriptures you claim the watchtower misinterprets and you are absolutely far from any interpretation of anyone who has the lowest “critical thinking skills” I can think of (because you should have closed all loopholes in your arguments such that none of us can punch holes into it using the same bible you claim to have used): I have absolutely no idea what “critical thinking skills” you think you have? I am just amazed at you, even mentioning the sentence “critical thinking skills”! I have a masters degree and can tell you openly; your critical thinking skills suck, they are very weak….In fact I don’t know which University taught you critical thinking because these skills are not really at work on your website or in your writings…They are terribly missing: I am sure the critical thinking skills you think you have are only a figment of your imagination, but in reality they do not exist in you…
I hope that my detailed analysis of your so called correct application of scriptures and critical thinking skills, will move you to see that you are only cheating and lying to yourself: the best course of action for you will always be: repent, return to Jehovah’s loving organization and you will be healed!!! But it will not surprise me if you continue your apostasy and a few years from now, I hear that you committed suicide as well!!! Humble yourself and repent before Jehovah and a period of refreshing will come upon you! But if you continue in your apostate activities, seeing only with your physical eyes (and not with your spiritual eyes), I am not sure that you will also not hang yourself in the long run!
May I just say how dare you put this document on the internet when nearly every single point you raised against my religion is false. In NO WAY ARE WE TOLD WHAT TO DO. Our instruction comes from the BIBLE GOD'S WORD...not from men...we make our OWN CHOICES GUIDED BY GOD'S PRINCIPLES. You should check your facts before saying anything but then as Jesus tells me, you will be objects of hatred on account of my name. So go away and do some proper research. ...

I think I would know if I was controlled and I am a strong minded person too, all you do is prove to me I follow the True God of the bible and very soon the whole world will be shocked to see that it was Jehovahs people after all who had his blessing. When Babylon the great ( world empire of false religion ) is crushed then as God says himself.....They WILL have to know that I am JEHOVAH. Ezekiel 18
You sound so idiotic attacking JW's. Is it because they teach Biblical scriptures for free? And expose all the fake religions that get rich using the Bible?
Hey nice to ruin your own lives!Please consider your little IQ...Kindly meditate all elementary things before making conclusion...hehehehe,,,a very sorry you are!
you gotta look at the big picture homie, stop looking through micro-scope disecting every word watchtower has ever printed many many years ago... youre retarded for expecting to be inspired with new and phenominal informations every day. ... youre the product satans apostacy
How sad for you to turn your back on Jehovah like you have. Enjoy life while you can I guess is all I have to say.
I truly feel bad for you leaving the Truth but I will pray for you to find understanding again and stop with your twisted way of bending the Truth on your site. ... So put 2 and 2 together Paul. If death is no more, that clearly shows we will live forever. If you need more help understanding death or life on paradise earth after Armageddon, feel free to ask me. I am only a student but not influenced by the devil like you.
Your immoral lifestyle could not let you remain firm, I do not worship Jehovah with date in mind, but rather because of live for him. You are afraid to prove bible teaching. Now answer who is the faithful slave of Jesus illustration? And how is true worship to be organized?
I've been disfellowshipped and I think your opinion has a stench...your evil trying to turn people from Jehovah, shame on you
you need to step aside or die.
You got nothing to offer. Too bad, I was really looking for enlightenment this time too. Guess I'll just have to look elsewhere.
Hey by the way did I tell you you're doing really well. Your God is soooooooooooo much cooler than mine. Your so much cooler than me.
Congratulations again. Love ya work and all the best with the apocalypse. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa. …
Make no mistake chief, Jehovah is real, Satan is real, the angels and demons are real and truth and lies are real. You and I don't matter. There's much bigger things than us going on and one day we'll all know who is right and who us dead. Pretty simple huh. Have fun wasting your time searching. Tee hee oddball.
when you have complete connection with Jehovah God by doing what he asks, drawing close to through intense study and prayer, good assocation, and spiritual nutrients, you feel his embrace and know that all the information is what he sends to make us better ministers to preach the good news. it is clear that nothing has or ever will stop that because that is His will. i will pray to Jehovah for you and your family so that you have a chance and so that they have a chance and their blood wont be on your hands. Jah is truly hurting because you have turned your back on him, and he is ready to embrace you once again. i hope that this helps in any way possible.
You not only have changed you're view on the WTS, which is not a bad thing, but you have turned against Jehovah himself that makes you a true 100% apostate, I hope you are proud and happy with that. Why blame Jehovah for the what the Tower does. Read Ezekiel 13....... Jehovah never left you , you left him.
Subject: apostate/ hater of God
get a life, read your bible and accept the truth within it! your headed down the wrong path and if you do not turn around you will be destroyed in the final days which are soon to be here. also dont try and talk to me because i will be blocking all of your communications. Thanks and may Jehovah God judge you according to your heart.
Any1 dat open dis site is bn influenced by satan,well jesus said it dat they wil b false apostate so dat is exactly wat is hpning. Ask yourself r u worshipping God or d society or watchtower?please d end of dis system of tyns is near come back 2 Jehovah organisation it is d only save Ark 4 u 2 enter.
Don't you have a hobby or something. Get a life dude.
The fact is, you might have grown up in a spiritual house which is a blessing :) but maybe you never developed humility. You just look at the faults and not the good. I know you have your own ideas, but don't tell me we dont do anything scriptural. Anything we publish or claim we use the Bible as our source.
People around the world notice us to be some of the happiest people ever :) It easy to get bad feedback from people who talk badly about us especially ones who left the truth like yourself. ( No disrespect there )
Anyways. Please don't talk about our beliefs when you are a bit lost.
I have enough information to know you are yet another disgruntled ex-witness that committed some wrong and don't want to be told what to do.
Hi Paul, you are a dedicated anti witness aren't you. You have taken the time out to make websites that rubbish Jehovah's Witnesses. At least you succeeded at something. All the best for the future mate, Jehovah's day is coming whether we support it or not. I'll pray for you as well as myself. … I can't say anything you said made sense to me, but that is because I look to God for answers, not men. … Take care, may Jehovah forgive you for your slander.
You don't half talk tripe! … if these JWs are wrong, then we all go to heaven (including them) because at least they've tried to do right. Of course, if THEY are correct that leaves people like you with a problem.....
Your article on JW facts is wrong and you're purely lying in it. The witnesses never foretold the end of the system of things in 1914, they foretold the end of gentile times. People like you are the reason Satan is ruling this system. … I feel sorry for your state of mind and sorry that you've lost faith in Jehovah. Im sure you were corrected some way and that is the reason you became an apostate. You obviously took it the wrong way and didn't want to change your ways. Jehovah will judge you, and i wouldnt want to be in your shoes when he does, because an apostate is worse than one who didnt come to know the truth in the first place.
Ok. obviously the watchtower society is not wrong you just did not understand it corretly. it did not say that in 1914 the world would end. it said that jesus would become king and satan would be thrown out of heaven.
It is so sad, when people such as your self cannot truthfully face your own insecurities, that you then set out to attempt to cause destructions and problematic influence to others. … This hypocrisy, you cannot present to the doorsteps of the witnesses, for you lack substance … I won't lower my skills in appitude and discernment as you repeatedly do throughout your jargon, nor will I point fingers, …
You slander and besmirch honest hearted people and you want to come off as some kind hearted soul? You know it's one thing to disagree with something but it is totally different to put out your version on the Internet of what you think witnesses are. Better yet why not go house to house like Jesus commanded and see how many converts to your way of thinking you get, instead of sitting in a dark room in front of your computer screen recruiting trolls. Nice!
I looked up some of the quotes on your website. They are misquoted. More like made up. Perhaps real research would be in order
Just a brief "Thank You". After reading almost your entire web site, I have come to the conclusion that your arguments support the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses! You quoted enough of their own literature to convince me that they are who they say they are: the only true Christian Congregation on Earth! Your arguments against them are fleshly, weak, and unscriptural. The beauty of all this is that only those who have honest hearts will recognize the Truth; all the rest will be stumbled.
first of all why ur hidding the half of the truth. … ur satistics about jw are stupid, the baptist people are also a publisher, and the difference is the people died or disphellowship like you ... hehehe return to the truth ....
The more you attack, the more the truth Jehovah´s organization grows...and there´s no way to stop that. Armageddon hasn´t arrived because Jehovah is waiting for people like you to change, if you don´t.... you´ll regret all the bad things you´re talking about him and his organization...and they will be no ramson... nothing you could do... Im sure you know that and that day, before your existence is terminated, you´ll remember about this words. Im not threating you... Im just based in what the Appocalips says in Chapter 16;16.and more important. Mathew 12:32. Justice will come from heaven! and that day you´ll remember this words.
I don't know why I am wasting my time emailing you...I guess after seeing so many ridiculous sites like yours filled with so many lies and crap I just felt compelled to.
You know I started to type a long email to show you how wrong you are, but after looking further into your site I see you are just so stupid and are not interested in knowing the truth. So I just held down the backspace key.
Your site should be called LIESABOUTJWs.com. If you are a former Witness you are probably a person who, like Adam, decided they wanted to decide for themselves what is wrong and what is right. Well go off and commit all the sins you like without fear of paying the consequences. But try to do something more constructive...oh like maybe get people to read and do what the Bible says...you know like Jehovah's Witnesses do, rather than just spout off a bunch of falsehoods. Big bad JWs...they are so bad not fornicating, doing drugs, cheating on their taxes, obeying the law...OH MY they are a blight on society!
To individuals such as Paul Grundy I say a very simple thing .You obviously learnt knowledge, but did not see into the spiritual application of what our loving Creator is really teaching us as humans. … There is nothing else.....Do not ever attack what you do not fully understand for this is foolishness and one always pays the price for it ultimately. Instead, remain innocent and search for the good and avoid the satanic.
you are obviously a disfellowshipped or apostate individual.your link didn't even have facts,just opinions and blah,blah,blah. Do a proper study and discover 'the truth'
i dont seek attention and play poor me syndrome. get over it!!! if its not you and you dont like it soo much why do you put time into your website.
no man is perfect. you spoke of a man you knew that became an elder and was commiting adultery for 7 years. this doesnt mean that their is no holy spirit in the congregation. it simply proves that fleshly men arent perfect as is Jehovah God and Jesus. you've got issues because you created a website that goes against what others believe you fucked up muppet.
Oh I get the picture now. Just like Satan, got put out of God’s organization and now bent on slandering Jehovah and His organization. You mentioned “evil and unchristian practice of shunning”. To say that it is evil is to slander Jehovah God. His is the one that makes the rules.
I have read your website: I want to tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t spread rumors. Study more about JW.
You're only sure that JW's teach lies...a flimsy approach to find God don't you think? Jehovah's Witness have the truth. One day, not too long from now, God's name and his Sovereignty will be vindicated. I hope that you can use the time that you have left in this system to really search for him.
7million people from around the world can't be wrong and be brainwashed and under mind control, really?
Change while you still can, while there is still time.
idiot we r not the only ones that have the chance to make it their is also the pagans that will hang on the skirts of the true servents of the true living god JEHOVAH ... Youll still have that little bitty hope. Ill pray for u.
get your facts before you print such trash
Your website claiming to be facts are somewhat entertaining. I can see that the information you present to your viewers seem to be appealing but are lackluster at best. Your reasoning sad to say have no weight to them. Biblical truth is undeniable and your claims are mistaken... keep on the watch...........
And how would you know what their teaching's are? If you are so involved with it, if it were not a hatred or a downgrading on your part. Why the web site? Or why judge the way other people raise their children. And you do not know or have any knowledge other than here say from non quoted sources. If you were so right why do people all over the world still switch to the Jehovah's witness faith,could this be a sign that angers other religions, they do not follow any doctrine, they follow the scriptures,and if the scriptures are strict,then well the faith should be strict as well. Look at the worlds religions, other religions are plagued by pedophile's,gay marriage, money laundering, extortion,child kidnapping,and harboring fugitives. Does it seem fair to go after one faith,or would it be just, too blame anyone or any faith,,,,that's all I'm stating. Would it be wise to visit a local kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses yourself and see if children are being abused,or see from a distance from a near bye parking lot,and watch as they leave on Sunday morning,or see if they do shake your hand and welcome your visit,,,,maybe then you can judge. They have welcomed my visit,,I'm not brain washed,or held against my will. Why have fear. Check it out, what harm is there in learning from the eyes and ears. But reasoning that comes from men is not valid. Only that from scriptures is what should be followed. God's own word is truth.
It is clear you have gone though a lot of work to lash out. I again, am truly sorry for you. To hang on to such hatred truly means you are devoid of any peace. I will pray for you. Maybe you can channel your energy for positive works in the future.
Paul Grundy once you have learned about Jehovah and what he requires of those who dedicate their lives to him, do so and then choose to not do his will, you choose death. You hopped right back over the fence and are, either directly or passively, disobeying his commandments laid out in the bible.
I happened to stumble upon your "trash" on the internet and I will defend the "Truth". But you are so so correct that I should not engage in dialogue with "dogs that have returned to their vomit". Amazing how worthless apostates like yourselves have nothing but information to tear down and destroy. You can always point out what JW's are doing wrong but you never provide your listeners or viewers with something better. You're pitiful!
I sympgatize w u bcos it is obvious u are NOT happy wea u are now. REPENT n gain yo happiness again then will com accurate knowledge of d truth 2 tim 2:25. ... How long will it take u 2 b truthful 2 yourself?
... jwfacts is not reliable and its full of twisted false reasoning and hateful lies. ... Proud, haughty, stubborn people just like jwfacts that lie and tell false stories about us deceive others ...
I have to say, when I stumble on sites like these in any form, I find it truly disturbing that someone would use even a minute of their time to in any way downgrade anything spiritual. Obviously it's safe to assume that in some way you were hurt or emotionally scarred by another HUMAN being in your past that was connected to organized religion. But, to turn all that anger and hurt towards a life's work of tearing down others hope and faith is not for one second going to ease that for you. ... Also, it is hard to keep in mind, but we should avoid wasting time playing victim, and instead follow what the bible truly says and meditate on what you learn so that you will have that quiet time to hear what He is trying to tell you, and be able to follow where He leads you.
I think it’s time for you to grow up and “Let it go”! I am a JW and just so your aware you had made my life and perhaps others a living hell. How do you look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with what your doing. Are you sleeping well? I do pray to Jehovah to forgive you for your errors as I do as well. What God’s do you worship? Have they answered your prayers? My God Jehovah does.
i read artical on your site i think your problems and your lack of insight come from the fact that you where raised by witness family and now that you are in the world have a good long look at it and think hard you my start to see thing a little better there is only one thing people seem to be good at and that is fooling them selves we all do it and most of our views are clouded by our family your attitude is understanderble i have seen it in witness familys dont question , obey etc but your conclutions are clouded by your limited experience of living in the world have another look at things dont let people that dissapoint determine what you think
Why make a Website that has no true information? Almost your entire website is false other than the rules we have and our doctrine. If people have been molested by a "Jehovah Witness" they were not a Witness. Next time you make a Website...make sure you "Facts" are true and have a reliable source.
Quite frankly, although yr article is entertaining and has merit in some ways, it is obvious to me that:
  1. You are badly motivated by personal bitterness.
  2. You don't know your bible very well.
  3. You have a slanted understanding of the human condition of sin vs desire.
  4. You have a limited understanding of the pattern set in the 1st Century for Christians today, in this matter of 'shunning' an unrepentant person.
  5. You are bored and need to get out more.
Besides at, keep up the polishing of the chip on yr shoulder! It would be great if you could post my email response on yr site. But somehow I don't think that's going to happen.
Interestingly, 9 months later, I received the following in an email from the same person.

I have begun a process that will enviably lead to my extrication on my terms, at the right time. There is something drastically wrong here with the setup in this organization but I need to put my finger on it in my way and in my time as I have my family to consider in the equation.

Written 2010, latest update May 2018.

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