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This site does not endorse the following Watchtower quotes. They are simply presented to show what the Watchtower teaches regarding the topic.

Only Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower are masters of the rhetorical fallacy referred to as Dicto Simpliciter - Sweeping Generalisations. This is highlighted in the ongoing claims of good that "only" Jehovah's Witnesses do. This is used to justify a apparent unique position with God, and hence along being worthy to survive Armageddon.

Following are quotes claiming "only Jehovah's Witnesses" are;

Only Witnesses demonstrate Christian love

""Who else would welcome strangers into their home just because they worship the same God? Only Jehovah’s Witnesses!"" Watchtower 2017 May p.7
"Who in our time demonstrate such obedience to God’s commandments on love? ... only Jehovah’'s Witnesses." Watchtower 1989 May 1 p.28
"Only in the spiritual paradise, among Jehovah's Witnesses, can we find the self-sacrificing love Jesus said would identify his true disciples." Watchtower 1986 Mar 15 p.20
"‘What religious group bases all its teachings on the Bible and makes known Jehovah’s name? What group practices godly love, exercises faith in Jesus, is no part of the world, and proclaims that God’s Kingdom is the only real hope for mankind? Of all the religious groups on earth, which one meets all these requirements?’ The facts clearly show that it is Jehovah'’s Witnesses" What Does the Bible Really Teach (2005) p.151
Such is the outstanding kind of love that the “new commandment” calls for, the love that Jesus’ true followers would have for one another. (1 John 3:16) Who today give clear proof of obeying the “new commandment”? The evidence presented earlier in this publication unequivocally points to one worldwide association of Christians. ... The love that they demonstrate is unique in a world of increasing selfishness. They are Jehovah’'s Witnesses." Jehovah's Witnesses - Proclaimers of God's Kingdom pp.711-712

Only Jehovah's Witnesses are no part of the world.

"Who are no part of the world and learn war no more? Again, the historical record of the 20th century testifies: only Jehovah's Witnesses." Watchtower 1992 Apr 1 p.12

Only Jehovah's Witnesses are like the first Christians

"Jehovah’s Witnesses emulate the first Christians like no other religious people." Awake 2011 Jan p.8

Only Jehovah's Witnesses follow the Bible

"In fact, those who truly make the Bible their guide are a minority—only about 0.1 percent of the earth’s population." Examining the Scriptures Daily 2012 foreword.

Only Jehovah's Witnesses preach

"An important way in which we show love for our fellowmen is by witnessing to them about God’'s Kingdom. Only one group of people is doing this work that Jesus foretold. (Mark 13:10) These are Jehovah’'s Witnesses." Watchtower 1994 Jun 1 p.18
"Do you know of anyone else who preaches about God's Kingdom from house to house throughout the world?" Does God Care? (2001) p.30

Only Jehovah's Witnesses are moral

"Some even leave negotiations to worldly relatives, who then demand an exorbitant price. While this bargaining goes on, the situation could push the young people into fornication. This is what takes place among worldly people." Watchtower 1989 Jan 15 p.22

Only Jehovah's Witnesses have true hope when a loved one dies

"While all of Jehovah's witnesses desire to live and preach as long as Jehovah wills, they do not fear death. At the death of their loved ones Christians are not like others. They do not sorrow overmuch. While recognizing death as an enemy, they do not go beyond natural love and affection and permit sadness to affect their integrity-keeping course in Jehovah's service. Rather, they continue more firmly, knowing that faithful service will assure them of a place in the new world, so they will be able to see their loved ones again in the resurrection." Watchtower 1954 May 1 p.285
"While Christians certainly do grieve because of death, there is a difference. They have accurate knowledge about the condition of the dead and about the hope of the resurrection." Watchtower 1994 Oct 15 p.32