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Is God's Name Jehovah

Not a single ancient New Testament manuscript has been found containing the Tetragrammaton (YHWH). Inclusion of the word Jehovah in the New Testament of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT) is one of the most important errors in Watchtower theology. If Watchtower is correct, and scholars corrupted the New Testament by removing the word Jehovah without trace, how can any of the New Testament be trusted?

This section addresses three primary topics relating to the word Jehovah.

Should "Jehovah" appear in the New Testament?

Although YHWH appears almost 7,000 times in the Old Testament, it never has been found in any New Testament manuscripts. The Watchtower reasons that the word Jehovah was originally in the New Testament, but removed without trace. This undermines the integrity of the entire Bible. By adding the word "Jehovah" to the New Testament in the NWT, the Watchtower changes the meaning of key Christian Scriptures. more …

How should YHWH be translated?

The exact pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) is unknown, but it is generally accepted to be Yahweh. This article looks at the history of the word Jehovah and whether it should be used by the Watchtower. more …

The Name Jehovah's Witnesses

By means of Watchtower publications, Russell initially directed his adherents to be considered followers of Jesus. It was only later, under the leadership of Rutherford, that attention was shifted to Jehovah. The term "Jehovah's Witnesses" was not adopted until 1931. Although the word Jehovah defines the Watchtower Organization in its current form, the significance of the use of the Name and the name Jehovah's Witness was not introduced until over 50 years after the formation of the Watchtower Society. more …

The word Jehovah has become a major reason Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are the only religion worthy of salvation. These articles show this cannot be so, since the Organization has had to change the words of Jesus and the Bible to support this concept.

Jehovah in the New Testament  

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